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Nouvelles hebdomadaires de PostgreSQL - 19 décembre 2010

Les mises à jour PostgreSQL 9.0.2, 8.4.6, 8.3.13, 8.2.19 et 8.1.23 ont été publiées. Si vous utilisez le "Hot" ou le "Warm Standby", ou encore "PITR", vous devriez mettre à jour dès que possible. À noter que la série des 8.1 atteint sa fin de vie, et ses utilisateurs sont encouragés à migrer vers une nouvelle version majeure dès qu'ils le peuvent :

Soumettez vos propositions pour le PGCon 2011 :

L'appel à conférenciers pour l'annuel "Prague PostgreSQL Developers' Day", 4ème édition, est lancé. L'événement sera tenu le 10 février 2011 à l'Universitas Carolinas :

PostgreSQL Conference East 2011 : New-York City, du 22 au 25 mars :

Les nouveautés des produits dérivés

Offres d'emplois autour de PostgreSQL en décembre

PostgreSQL Local

  • L'appel à projets de PostgreSQLFr a été lancé. Les projets doivent concerner PostgreSQL et la communauté francophone. Mail à appel-projets-2010 (AT) postgresql (DOT) fr.
  • Le FOSDEM est l'un des plus grand événements autour du Libre et de l'Open Source ; il a lieu annuellement à Bruxelles et rassemble environ 4000 personnes. La prochaine édition est programmée pour les 5 & 6 février 2011. Envoyez vos propositions à l'adresse fosdem AT postgresql POINT eu :
  • Un PGDay.US est au programme du Southern California Linux Exposition (SCALE) de cette année, tenu à l'hôtel LAX Hilton de Los Angeles (Californie) le vendredi 25 février 2011. Proposez vos conférences sur pgday-submissions (AT) googlegroups (DOT) com.
  • PGCon aura lieu les 19 & 20 mai 2011 à l'Université d'Ottawa, précédé par deux jours de tutoriels les 17 & 18 mai . L'appel à conférenciers a été lancé !

PostgreSQL dans les média

PostgreSQL Weekly News / les nouvelles hebdomadaires vous sont offertes cette semaine par David Fetter. Traduction par l'équipe PostgreSQLFr sous licence CC BY-NC-SA.

Proposez vos articles ou annonces avant dimanche 15:00 (heure du Pacifique). Merci de les envoyer en anglais à david (a), en allemand à pwn (a), en italien à pwn (a) et en espagnol à pwn (a)

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Revues de code

Correctifs appliqués

Robert Haas a poussé :

Tom Lane a poussé :

  • Update time zone data files to tzdata release 2010o: DST law changes in Fiji and Samoa. Historical corrections for Hong Kong.;a=commitdiff;h=f5e4f743e6a84884156ac86948277df4c672865c
  • Update release notes for releases 9.0.2, 8.4.6, 8.3.13, 8.2.19, and 8.1.23.;a=commitdiff;h=f9224c8ec2f6dcfed6daa3f94597b870ec31c8d8
  • Fix contrib/seg's GiST picksplit method. This patch replaces Guttman's generalized split method with a simple sort-by-center-points algorithm. Since the data is only one-dimensional we don't really need the slow and none-too-stable Guttman method. This is in part a bug fix, since seg has the same size_alpha versus size_beta typo that was recently fixed in contrib/cube. It seems prudent to apply this rather aggressive fix only in HEAD, though. Back branches will just get the typo fix. Alexander Korotkov, reviewed by Yeb Havinga.;a=commitdiff;h=2a6ebe70fb2f7ec97a08dc07214fe2ca571d2780
  • Fix up getopt() reset management so it works on recent mingw. The mingw people don't appear to care about compatibility with non-GNU versions of getopt, so force use of our own copy of getopt on Windows. Also, ensure that we make use of optreset when using our own copy. Per report from Andrew Dunstan. Back-patch to all versions supported on Windows.;a=commitdiff;h=5cdd65f3241ce10c66953228daef60df7b3966d1
  • Remove optreset from src/port/ implementations of getopt and getopt_long. We don't actually need optreset, because we can easily fix the code to ensure that it's cleanly restartable after having completed a scan over the argv array; which is the only case we need to restart in. Getting rid of it avoids a class of interactions with the system libraries and allows reversion of my change of yesterday in postmaster.c and postgres.c. Back-patch to 8.4. Before that the getopt code was a bit different anyway.;a=commitdiff;h=61b53695fbbedb7fa9d394e71bf2affdc494e6b0
  • Improve comments around startup_hacks() code. These comments were not updated when we added the EXEC_BACKEND mechanism for Windows, even though it rendered them inaccurate. Also unify two unnecessarily-separate #ifdef __alpha code blocks.;a=commitdiff;h=14ed7735f5bb5275da13891c4bb106c198d00b53
  • Fix erroneous parsing of tsquery input "... & !(subexpression) | ..." After parsing a parenthesized subexpression, we must pop all pending ANDs and NOTs off the stack, just like the case for a simple operand. Per bug #5793. Also fix clones of this routine in contrib/intarray and contrib/ltree, where input of types query_int and ltxtquery had the same problem. Back-patch to all supported versions.;a=commitdiff;h=abc10262696e53773c9a8c9f279bbd464b464190
  • Fix up handling of simple-form CASE with constant test expression. eval_const_expressions() can replace CaseTestExprs with constants when the surrounding CASE's test expression is a constant. This confuses ruleutils.c's heuristic for deparsing simple-form CASEs, leading to Assert failures or "unexpected CASE WHEN clause" errors. I had put in a hack solution for that years ago (see commit 514ce7a331c5bea8e55b106d624e55732a002295 of 2006-10-01), but bug #5794 from Peter Speck shows that that solution failed to cover all cases. Fortunately, there's a much better way, which came to me upon reflecting that Peter's "CASE TRUE WHEN" seemed pretty redundant: we can "simplify" the simple-form CASE to the general form of CASE, by simply omitting the constant test expression from the rebuilt CASE construct. This is intuitively valid because there is no need for the executor to evaluate the test expression at runtime; it will never be referenced, because any CaseTestExprs that would have referenced it are now replaced by constants. This won't save a whole lot of cycles, since evaluating a Const is pretty cheap, but a cycle saved is a cycle earned. In any case it beats kluging ruleutils.c still further. So this patch improves const-simplification and reverts the previous change in ruleutils.c. Back-patch to all supported branches. The bug exists in 8.1 too, but it's out of warranty.;a=commitdiff;h=1b19e2c0baedb959650a27f25bd8537bd51d60b0

Peter Eisentraut a poussé :

Marc Fournier a poussé :

  • Tag 9.0.2, 8.4.6, 8.3.13, 8.2.19, 8.1.23.

Bruce Momjian a poussé :

ITAGAKI Takahiro a poussé :

Alvaro Herrera a poussé :

Andrew Dunstan a poussé :

Magnus Hagander a poussé :

Correctifs rejetés (à ce jour)

  • Pas de déception cette semaine :-)

Correctifs en attente

  • Gurjeet Singh sent in a patch with an improved syntax for adding a primary key using an existing index.
  • Heikki Linnakangas sent in another revision of the patch to rewrite how GiST inserts work.
  • Shigeru HANADA sent in two more revisions of the core functionality for FOREIGN DATA WRAPPER, part of the SQL/MED specification.
  • Marko (johto) Tiikkaja sent in a patch which allows advisory locks to be released automatically when the transaction ends.
  • ITAGAKI Takahiro sent in a patch to export some functions from copy.c, which will be useful for SQL/MED file operations, among other things.
  • Florian Pflug sent in another revision of the serializable lock consistency patch. Heikki Linnakangas sent in some typo fixes for same.
  • Florian Pflug sent in two revisions of a fix for the serializable lock consistency patch.
  • Shigeru HANADA sent in another revision of the patch to implement a file foreign data wrapper.
  • Shigeru HANADA sent in a patch to use the exported COPY functions in the above file_fdw patch.
  • Heikki Linnakangas sent in another revision of the patch to fix the GiST insert algorithm.
  • Alex Hunsaker sent in two revisions of a patch to fix an issue with PL/PerlU's treatment of utf8.
  • ITAGAKI Takahiro sent in a patch to add pg_read_binary_file().
  • Dimitri Fontaine sent in three more revisions of the patch to add extensions.
  • Magnus Hagander sent in a patch to allow libpq to check its version.
  • Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to fix an issue with localtimestamp inside certain queries.
  • Pavel Stehule sent in another revision of the patch to add FOREACH...IN ARRAY to PL/pgsql.
  • Robert Haas sent in a patch to fix an issue with unlogged tables vs. xlog.
  • Pavel Stehule sent in a patch to factor out some redundant code from pl_exec.c.
  • Robert Haas sent in another revision of the patch to relax synchronous commit behavior when no WAL is written.
  • Peter Eisentraut sent in a patch to allow casting a table's row type to the table's supertype if it is a typed table.
  • Peter Eisentraut sent in a WIP patch which would switch psql from normal to expanded and vice versa depending on the width of the terminal window it's in.
  • Tomas Vondra sent in another revision of the patch to keep a timestamp of the last stats reset by database, table and function.

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