PostgreSQL La base de donnees la plus sophistiquee au monde.

10 reasons to entrust your data to PostgreSQL

  1. Data integrity. PostgreSQL respects the ACID rules and preserves referential integrity.
  2. Freedom. PostgreSQL's BSD Licence is simple and non-ambiguous: you can use, modify and redistribute it freely.
  3. Standard compliance. PostgreSQL is very consistent with ANSI SQL standards.
  4. Clear and robust source code. PostgreSQL contributors are particularly attentive and rigorous in order to ensure the quality of each release.
  5. Performance. Numerous studies show that PostgreSQL is able to compete with the best DBMS on the marketplace.
  6. Scalability. Thanks to its great adaptation to any kind of infrastructure, PostgreSQL allows optimal use of resources.
  7. Native full text search engine. PostgreSQL's expression search functions are among the simpliest and fastest.
  8. Many stored procedures languages : PL/pgSQL, PL/Perl, PL/PHP, PL/Python, PL/Ruby, PL/Java …
  9. Multiple replication tools. PostgreSQL offers a wide range of mechanisms for high availability (synchronous, asynchronous, master-slave, multi-master …)
  10. An active international community. PostgreSQL is an independant project, supported by hundreds of individuals and corporations.

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