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 +====== 10 reasons to entrust your data to PostgreSQL ====== 
 +  - **Data integrity**. PostgreSQL respects the ACID rules and preserves referential integrity. 
 +  - **Freedom**. PostgreSQL'​s BSD Licence is simple and non-ambiguousyou can use, modify and redistribute it freely. 
 +  - **Standard compliance**PostgreSQL is very consistent with ANSI SQL standards. 
 +  - **Clear and robust source code**. PostgreSQL contributors are particularly attentive and rigorous in order to ensure the quality of each release. 
 +  - **Performance**. Numerous studies show that PostgreSQL is able to compete with the best DBMS on the marketplace. 
 +  - **Scalability**. Thanks to its great adaptation to any kind of infrastructure,​ PostgreSQL allows optimal use of resources. 
 +  - **Native full text search engine**. PostgreSQL'​s expression search functions are among the simpliest and fastest. 
 +   - **Many stored procedures languages** ​PL/pgSQL, PL/Perl, PL/PHP, PL/Python, PL/Ruby, PL/Java ..
 +   - **Multiple replication tools**. PostgreSQL offers a wide range of mechanisms for high availability (synchronous,​ asynchronous,​ master-slave,​ multi-master ...) 
 +   - **An active international community**. PostgreSQL is an independant project, supported by hundreds of individuals and corporations. 
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