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Visit of the Telecom Paristech school

Damien and I went to Telecom Paristech. The guy we met, Talel, is really nice and wants to help us as best as he can.

We can have this:

  • 1 amphitheatre, 200 seats, for keynotes only (friday morning, saturday evening)

  • 2 amphitheatres, 100 seats, for french and english talks, all day long friday and saturday, they are close to each other, in the same hallway

* 1 big room, we can do whatever we want in it (divide it in two, one part for a hackers room, one part for a tutorial room, coffee room, lunch room). This room will be locked at night, so we can put goodies and other stuff here

* the entry's hallway, it's big enough so we can put reception area, boothes, and coffee break tables

I searched a map in their website but didn't find anything. If I have time this week-end, I'll try to draw one.

If I understood correctly, there's wifi everywhere. Talel will get in touch with the network technicians to know how many people can use the wifi. We'll have microphone and all sound stuff only for the big amphitheatre. That doesn't seem required for the smaller ones. They have projectors in each amphitheatre. They use them with their laptops, so it should also work for us.

There will be only one issue. The front door is usually closed on saturday. The guy will try to have someone to unlock it. Oh, I almost forgot, Telecom Paristech is open from 7am to 8pm.

The best part of it is that we get this for free. Completely free. he just asks that students and teachers won't be charged. But he agrees we ask for a fee for others.

We probably can have a meal friday in the school's restaurant. He will aks them how much it will cost us. If we don't want that, we can ask another company for food and coffee breaks. We will need this for saturday.

There are more pictures on . Sorry for the bad quality, I'm not used to this new phone (yes, I took them with my phone's camera… shame on me).

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