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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20090124 Meeting

People attending the meeting

In situ

  • Damien Clochard
  • Guillaume Lelarge
  • Thomas Reiss
  • Stéphane Schildknecht

on IRC

  • Jean-Paul Argudo
  • Sébastien Lardière
  • Guillaume Smet
  • Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais (Afternoon)
  • Cédric Villemain (Afternoon)

People missing

  • Christophe Chauvet
  • Jean-Christophe Arnu

Agenda of the meeting

Topics Covered

  • Select the final date and the city
  • Develop a roadmap
  • Date and venue of next meetings

Topics deferred

  • Establish a timetable for communication
  • Define upcoming deadlines
  • Submit a budget estimate
  • Set up a research group of sponsors
  • Set up group to manage the conference tracks
  • Set up a research group for accommodation (hotel) and food
  • Set up a group of the general organization (reception, badges, Reservations / registration (web / mail ..)/ goodies /coordination between the working groups)

Minutes of the meeting

Choose a date and place

Choose a date

The aim is to define a date and place for the holding of to announce it officially at FOSDEM to be held on 7 and 8 February 2009.

Several dates were prior to the running (see ICR meeting on 22 December, with the priority on 2 and 3 October.

The date of October 2 and 3 is not a good choice because of the absence of Magnus Hagander, and the concomitant of the Open Source Days in Copenhagen. Other dates positioned were rejected, as too remote in October, period “target” of

November 6-7 was originally discarded because of the unavailability of rooms in Toulouse.

Although 6 and 7 November were not in the final “short list”, now it seems to be the best choice.

The dates:

  1. 6 and 7 November 2009
  2. 2 and 3 October is the fallback plan if there's any availability problem

Site Selection

the discussion has to define the host city, not the venue . The aim, as stated above, is to announce the host city at FOSDEM. The technical details will be talk about in a second time.

In the present circumstances, the association (PGFR) is not (yet) able to assume the payment of the deposit required to reserve a place.

This means the possibility of going Strasbourg is interesting as the Faculty of Mathematics is ready to welcome and help the event for a very little price. In this case, the association would not take any financial risk.

However Dalibo has announced during the meeting that it will be gold sponsor and is ready to pay the settlement of deposit.

The PGFR association currently has only about 3000€ on its bank account. If we settle the event in Paris, the deposit will be between 5 000 and 12 000.

The president and treasurer insist that if all the financial guarantees are not made in the case of choosing a commercial solution, the association will not engage.

It is still necessary to find other sponsors to assume full funding of the event. The question of the current financial crisis has also raised, but we are guided by the assumption that there will be enough sponsors to make the necessary funds.

The financial stakes are also important. The willingness of the association is to provide an event with free admission, recalling the importance of finding sponsors.

Vote on the location:

  • Damien Clochard: Paris - City of Science;
  • Stéphane Schildknecht: Strasbourg;
  • Guillaume Lelarge: Paris;
  • Thomas Reiss: Strasbourg;
  • Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais: Paris
  • Guillaume Smet: Paris
  • Sébastien Lardière: Paris, if the funds are there.
  • Jean-Paul Argudo: Paris
  • Cédric Villemain: Toulouse
  • Jean-Christophe Arnu: Toulouse

Choice: Paris .

Two places remain :

  1. The city of sciences and industry
  2. The internationale House of Students. Here's some pictures :

Things to see/validate

The host city was chosen, it is necessary to revalidate the availability of rooms on the dates selected.

Five points to finally see to confirm the date and location:

  • Is it possible to have places on Saturday morning (la Villette);
  • Establish a sponsorship grid;
  • Check that funds are available
  • Check if reservation is still possible on November 6 & 7;
  • What is the actual cost of rental of the amphitheater of the city of sciences ?

Things to do in the coming weeks:

  • Find the sponsors;
  • choose between the two “cities”;
  • Validate the date of November 6 & 7;
  • Check if Wifi is available at the City International University? →Yes

Upcoming meetings

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