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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20090826 Meeting

  • Location : IRC (#pgday on freenode)
  • Date : 2009-08-26 (9pm - 10pm)

People attending the meeting

on IRC

  • Guillaume Lelarge (gleu)
  • Magnus Hagander (magnush)
  • Dave Page (pgSnake)
  • Andreas Scherbaum (ads)

People missing

  • Damien Clochard (daamien)

Agenda of the meeting

  • Caterer's contract
  • Sponsorship campaign
  • Track roadmap
  • Conference bags
  • Tshirts
  • Keysigning party

Minutes of the meeting

Caterer's contract

Guillaume Lelarge is working with Sidonie. We won't have a price per person. Sidonie told Guillaume Lelarge that if we have between 200 and 300 people, the price will stay the same. But if we have less than 200, it will be possible to lower it.

Magnus Hagander asked for prices for different amounts of people, like for x, y and z, so that we have options. Guillaume Lelarge will try to get this.

Moreover, they usually don't do contract, but Sidonie agreed to write one. Work is on-going. Guillaume Lelarge will send it on the mailing list, to get approval before going further.

Sponsorship campaign

We had no new sponsors in the two last weeks, but we still expect some more. Because we need anything we can get!

Guillaume Lelarge has still no answer from Andreas Scherbaum contacted several companies here in germany but still either got a “no” back or no response yet. He also needs to work with Skype and Credativ. Dave Page is still chasing Sirius.

We haven't received the money from EDB or Continuent, where we have a contract. But Magnus Hagander expects it to drop in around the change of the month - the contract gives them 30 days to pay.

Track roadmap

The english track is in a really good shape. There are already 16 submissions. The french one is completely the opposite. There are, as far as we can say, three ou four submissions. Guillaume Lelarge sent 10 mails to different people, and only got one (negative) answer (but no positive one). Guillaume Smet also sent some mails (3 people contacted), but no answer.

Guillaume Lelarge will submit one or two talks before next meeting (probably one on MVCC). Magnus Hagander and Dave Page will probably also submit something. Dave Page is expecting a friend to submit an English talk, probably on PG+Hibernate.

Anyway, let's just keep the pressure up.

Magnus Hagander also asked if there is a reason to consider pre-approving certain speakers. Andreas Scherbaum and Guillaume Lelarge are for it, but Dave Page isn't. So, we're back at no.

Conference bags and Tshirts

Damien Clochard told Guillaume Lelarge that he did some work on the design, but didn't talk to suppliers. This item is really important, we need to get that done fairly soon. We need to get a lot more certain about our expenses.

Keysigning party

This is an Andreas Scherbaum's item. He wants to organize a keysigning party. Nobody's against it, so he'll work on this.

Work to do ASAP

  • Damien Clochard
    • mass mailing the members of APRIL?
    • Polos' and TShirts' design
    • Bags' design
  • Jean-Paul Argudo
    • validate with Cédric Villemain if he still wants to contact people
    • call hostesses' schools in Paris (in september)
  • Guillaume Lelarge
    • Caterer's contract

Upcoming meetings

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