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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20090923 Meeting

  • Location : IRC (#pgday on freenode)
  • Date : 2009-09-23 (9pm - 11:30pm)

People attending the meeting

on IRC

  • Guillaume Lelarge (gleu)
  • Guillaume Smet (gsmet)
  • Damien Clochard (daamien)
  • Jean-Paul Argudo (jpargudo)
  • Magnus Hagander (magnush)
  • Dave Page (pgSnake)
  • Marc Cousin (marco44)
  • David Fetter (davidfetter)

People missing

Agenda of the meeting

  • Paristech Telecom's contract: how many rooms do we have?
  • Caterer's contract
  • Sponsorship campaign
  • Track roadmap
  • Conference bags and Tshirts
  • EDB's party

Minutes of the meeting

Paristech Telecom's contract

Jean-Paul Argudo's mail has some answers:

  • 1 amphiteater, 200 seats, friday morning and saturday all day
  • 2 amphiteaters, 100 seats each, friday afternoon and saturday all day
  • one room for 30-50 persons for a dev room
  • one room to receipt the attendance, for cofee and lunch breaks
  • one room locking with key to stock stuff

Unfortunately, it's not precise enough to build the schedule. We need to know the time (when does friday morning end for example). We are already late on this issue, so we need to go quickly.

Guillaume will call Talel to ask him these questions:

  • what's friday morning and friday afternoon? end of the beginning keynote for the first one? we need to have two rooms as soon as the keynote ends, one french and one english on friday; and then one french and two english on saturday
  • do we have enough room for the devroom, food, partner area etc.?
  • do we have a water supply on the food room?
  • can we borrow some tables?
  • do they also have some power strips and extensions.
  • do they have one portable projector for the dev room and projectors in each lecture room?

It needs to be done ASAP.

We don't have anyone lined up to record the presentations. Maybe we should just ping the lists and ask if anyone has the kit and wants to help out. This item is still open, we didn't have any firm decision on this.

Caterer's contract

Jean-Paul Argudo reported that Sidonie and he signed the contract. The money will be sent to Sidonie the day after the meeting by check.

Sponsorship campaign

Peter Eisentraut has spoken to F-Secure people, and they didn't seem interested in sponsoring. He suggested we approach the french company that they had aparantly acquired independently of this. The objectviz guys are in for bronze. Magnus Hagander has the contract from them, but it's not signed.

We have no news from Andreas Scherbaum about Skype.

Jean-Paul Argudo told us that, as per yesterday, there was still no payments from Sirius nor Continuent. He'll get in touch with them. But it's probably too early for Sirius (hey have 30 days to do the payment).

Dave Page sent a mail earlier about a missing benefit for the platinum sponsor. This was a mistake, probably a translation one. All the levels are invited to include one or two flyers in the conference bags, platinum as well.

Dave Page remind us that some sponsor levels need their names listing on, as partners.

EDB will have its sign for the main lecture room, as well as flyers for the conference bags and freebies for attendees (probably pens/USB memory sticks). Dave Page wondered if there is anywhere we can have that stuff delivered in advance, so they don't have to carry it all in their luggage. It probably can be delivered at Paristech Telecom, Guillaume Lelarge will try to have an answer on this one. Otherwise, it can be delivered in an office or at someone's home.

About the registration stuff, we can't open the site until we've got paypal fixed. Jean-Paul Argudo looked yesterday at this issue. It seems the limit is still here. paypal account is limited with a 2500 € *per year* incoming money. Jean-Paul Argudo will contact the support department ASAP.

Track roadmap

We can't wait more to publish the schedule.

We need room availability as discussed earlier to finalise that.

On the french track, Jean-Paul Argudo wants to work with the commitee. So he has to send them an email about a new voting system (no more -1/0/+1, but a O to 10 score). They have to agree on this new voting system. And they have to send him their answer before friday night. Guillaume Lelarge sent him the email addresses of the members of the commitee. Once done, he will either write the results in Dave Page's spreadsheet or send it by email to Guillaume Smet or Guillaume Lelarge.

It should be clear that Guillaume Lelarge won't work on this.

Conference bags and Tshirts

Damien Clochard was too tired. He'll send a mail about social events and tshirts and logo and other stuff.

EDB's party

The day before the meeting, some french guys went to a restaurant where the EDB party could take place. It's a 3 minutes walk from Paristech Telecom. It's a nice place where one can drink (with alcohol or not) and eat at a good price. The waiters are nice too. The wifi connection is available for free.

Dave Page will just need the cost and details of what they'd provide for that to get final approval. Damien Clochard has all the informations needed. Jean-Paul Argudo has the contacts of the bar tenders too.

Also, Jean-Paul Argudo chatted a lot with Gavin Sherry. Gavin found excellent organic Morgon of 2007 at 5 € the bottle but there are lots of problems: how to carry many bottles to Paris, We can get some for lunch perhaps, so Jean-Paul Argudo will check this with Sidonie. Guillaume Lelarge is not sure it would be possible to bring alcohol at Paristech Telecom (remember that it is a school).

Work to do ASAP

  • Damien Clochard
    • send an email about social events and tshirts and logos
    • provide all informations about the restaurant to Dave Page
    • mass mailing the members of APRIL
    • Polos' and TShirts' design
    • Bags' design
    • Needs to do a last bit of work on the logo's design
  • Jean-Paul Argudo
    • send the money to Sidonie
    • work with the commitee (send them an email about a new voting system, get the results, compute the score, share the results)
    • ask for the payment of Conitnuent
    • work on paypal's limitation
    • check with Sidonie about wine
    • call hostesses' schools in Paris (in september)
  • Guillaume Lelarge
    • call Talel
  • Andreas Scherbaum
    • Get in touch with Marko Kreen from Skype
  • Magnus Hagander
    • objectviz's sponsor contrat

Upcoming meetings

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