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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20091028 Meeting

  • Location : IRC (#pgday on freenode)
  • Date : 2009-10-28 (9pm - 11:30pm)

People attending the meeting

on IRC

  • Guillaume Lelarge (gleu)
  • Magnus Hagander (magnush)
  • Dave Page (pgSnake)
  • Damien Clochard (daamien)
  • Jean-Paul Argudo (jpa)
  • Marc Cousin (marco44)
  • Guillaume Smet (gsmet, late)
  • Andreas Scherbaum (ads, late)

Agenda of the meeting

  • Talks: schedule / speakers
  • Badges
  • Conference bags and Tshirts
  • Poster session for
  • Social events
  • Sponsors invitations

Minutes of the meeting

Talks schedule / Speakers

We lost one speaker, but we already have a solution. Magnus Hagander will do a performance talk on friday. Magnus Hagander already told us we can use the picture from jpug pgcon 2009 website, and offer us to steal the bio from We'll send an email to -attendees. Just a simple “we have substituted this for Nikolay's talk”. This mail needs a french translation, so a french guy will have to do this.

We didn't have many answers for bios, abstracts, and pictures, but we need to get the booklet printed. Damien Clochard will launch the booklet printing on monday. Any cancelation after that won't be in the booklet. We don't have lots of information from the JPUG guys, but there's good chance we won't have more. We also need to name them all.

BTW, the french page is totally outdated ( Damien Clochard will fix it.


There's nothing more to say right now, Guillaume Lelarge will have more news next wednesday.

Conference bags and Tshirts

The cost is the same, whatever we print, provided its monochrome of course. For the benefit of people outside of the conference, we have to change the “staff” with “staff +”, so that everyone knows we are not part of the bartenders.

Social events

Dave Page is still waiting to hear if the venue is confirmed. Other than that, he thinks we're good for the party. Damien Clochard will call them tomorrow (2009-10-29) but it's just like it was confirmed.

We'll all go for dinner on Thursday night, after doing the bags.


We didn't send out a call for help to the fr list. We really should do that, because there's no chance we could staff it with only the people in this meeting. All the people at the top of the page are here to participate. We should put these people with name on certain slots. If we don't have enough staff members, Guillaume Lelarge will send a call for help.

An important thing for others is if there is a talk one specifically want to be in, he/she can't do something else at that time. Another important thing is that we need at least 5 staff members at 8 AM friday morning for the registration, and 2 members in the afternoon. We'll use the E200 for the registration task. If we can lock the E200, then we can stock everything there and leave the devroom open anytime.

Guillaume Smet and Jean-Paul Argudo offer their help. We have to make sure they are listed in the page.

Guillaume Lelarge will contact Talel to know which rooms can be locked up. It would be interesting to have the devroom (B316) and the registration room (E200) but either of these will be fine. The devroom will be used for some hacker talks, and can be otherwise empty for people who want to sit down somewhere with their laptop for half an hour or so. So it will probably stay empty (of goodies and stuff like that).

The welcoming session is another important question. We'll have a welcoming session and a closing session. Who do we want to do them? none of PostgreSQLfr board will be there. Our votes go to Magnus Hagander and Jean-Paul Argudo for opening, and Dave Page and Guillaume Smet for closing. The opening has to cover the basics of the conference.

Guillaume Lelarge volunteered for being in charge of distributing people across tasks and times, and take care of the schedule, including nagging on those we want to work, who aren't here right now (on pgsql-fr-general). We need to be specific about who is on staff as we get volunteers. We shouldn't just have an unknown mass of people.

We need small bottles of water for our speakers. 50 should be enough. Think about power cables too.

About the credit in the booklet, we'll thank CS and Gnu/Linux Mag with a quick acknowledgement, just one line and the bottom of the sponsor page, saying “ we would like to thank CS and Gnu/Linux Mag for their helps”.

pgDay 2010

It would be cool to announce where the pgday 2010 will happen at the closing session saturday. But we really have no idea what country it'll be in yet.

Work to do ASAP

  • Guillaume Lelarge
    • Make a proposal for power cables
    • Buy bottles of water
    • Send an email to -attendees about Nikolai's talk
    • Check for the rooms' keys
  • Andreas Scherbaum
    • Badges' printing
  • Damien Clochard
    • Finish the booklet design on saturday, 31th
    • Launch the booklet printing on monday
    • Change the tshirt design (staff =⇒ staff
    • Order the badges, bags and tshirts
    • Confirm with the bar for the party
    • Update the french page with the schedule

Upcoming meetings

  • date unknown yet
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