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Here's a draft of the schedule for public announcements and other propaganda activities.

Feel free to add any idea :-)

DateEvent / Medium Lang Content Note
Feb 4th FOSDEM English First Announcement + flyers + posters done
February web & mailing lists English/French Announcement on,, etc. done
March 21 Website infrastructure ready English done
March 30 Website Contents and Translations English/French/italian/others? done
March 30 Solutions Linux (Paris) French flyers + posters done
May 21 PGCon (Ottawa) English flyers + posters done
June web & mailing lists English/French Announcing the registration opening
June web English/French Banners on websites done
July 7th RMLL (Nantes) French flyers + posters too late
September 15th End of “early bird registration”
September 28th web & mailing lists English/French 1 month before registration closing
October 26th web & mailing lists English/French 1 week before registration closing
October 31th web & mailing lists English/French last chance to register



Small60×120Small (60x120)
Medium180×180Medium (180x180)
Impact Banner468×60Impact Banner (468x60)
Large120×700Large (120x700)
Leaderboard728×90Leaderboard (728x90)

Eiffelephant Flyer/Poster (french version)


Eiffelephant Flyer/Poster (english version)

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