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Looking for Sponsors

The final sponsors

EDB Platinum Dave Page en
Dalibo Gold Damien Clochard fr
2nd quadrant Silver Simon Riggs en
Cityvox Silver Damien Méry fr
Continuent Silver Robert Hodges en
Open Wide Silver Guillaume Smet fr
Red Pill Silver Magnus Hagander en
Sirius Silver Tom Callway en
Cybertech Bronze Hans-Juergen Schoenig en
GTportalBase Bronze Oliver Kohll en
Objectwiz Bronze Vincent Laugier fr
Bitrock Bronze Daniel Lopez en
Cobol IT Bronze Stéphane Croce fr

The final contract

The final version of our sponsorship contract is here!

For an invoice, ask Jean-Paul Argudo, as he's the PostgreSQL Europe treasurer. When Jean-Paul is not available, Guillaume Lelarge will be the backup. He knows how to make an invoice in the PostgreSQL Europe format.


Company Local contact In charge Partner Level Response Comments (date of contact…)
Agematis klando see with F-Secure F-Secure is agematis new owner, my contact told to directly check with them (aka Peter Eseintraut if possible)
Alter Way / Solinux Vincent Vignolle gsmet Last contacted july 1st, no news at the moment. Contacted again on aug. 5th
Anaska Cyril Pierre de Geyer jpa Contacted, awaiting response
BULL Marie-Hélène Cotten gsmet ? Contacted on july 6th. Contacted again on aug. 5th
Capgemini ? ? ?
CampToCamp Olivier Courtin daamien Olivier left CamptoCamp. Don't expect sponsorship from them
Cityvox Damien Méry gsmet Silver PAID, awaiting contract
CNES jca
COBOL-IT Stéphane CROCE jca Bronze Ongoing for a bronze application Contract to be sent ….
CS jca jca Bronze NO + REDO There may be a way to get sponsorship Maybe news on october…
“No sponsorship of any type this year”. CS made it possible to have Paristech Telecom as venue (relationships). I think we could do something for them ?
CKR jean-max
Dalibo jpa jpa Gold PAID, awaiting contract
Elma Jean-Samuel Reynaud
Freescale jca NO Freescale Toulouse is about to stop activity. It's not time to ask them for sponsorship.
Fotolia Ludovic Levesque
Helmet Vincent Laugier damien Bronze Signed
IdealX/Open Trust jpa Contacted, awaiting response
IGN jca
Ingres Corporation France Mme Juquelier et M. Padique gsmet Contacted on july 6th. Mrs Juquelier answered me we should have a final answer by july 17th. Contacted again on aug. 5th but on vacation until aug. 24th
Mappy Omar Shala damien no response
Makina Corpus - gsmet Vincent Picavet has left Makina Corpus
MeteoFR klando
Nuxeo Stéfane Fermigier jpa Contacted, awaiting response
Open Wide gsmet gsmet Silver PAID, awaiting contract
Orange Sébastien Georget + Cityvox gsmet In progress internally
Overblog jpa ou klando.. a voir they already are sponsors of PGDG
RATP gsmet Contacted on july 6th. Don't hold your breath.
Syleam kryskool kryskool ?
Thales jpa jpa I (jpa) take the lead on this


Company Local contact In charge Partner Level Response Comments (date of contact…)
2nd Quadrant Silver PAID, awaiting contract
Aster data Emmanuel Cecchet gsmet NO Contacted on july 3rd. Emmanuel answered back on july 5th, he's going to talk to Aster Data. Btw, he's in the US now and he's not sure Aster could send him in France and take the travel expenses at their charge. Aster won't be able to sponsor this year: their unplanned sponsoring budget was already used for PGCon
EntrepriseDB Dave Page jpa Platinum Contract signed and paid
Redpill Linpro Susannah Eriksson mha Silver PAID, awaiting contract
Skype Marko Kreen ads 2009-09-10
Continuent Robert Hodges, Petri Virsunen mha Silver Contract signed, awaiting payment Contact from Petri Virsunen, waiting for signed contract/payment
Cybertech Bronze PAID, awaiting contract
Credativ Michael Meskes mha not interested Pinged on IM a few times, not really any comments yet. ads: sent a mail, 2009-09-10
OmniTI Robert Treat mha NO No operations in europe, focus on north american conferences.
F-Secure Peter Eisentraut
GT portalBase Oliver Kohll jpa Bronze PAID, awaiting contract Gavin Roy mha Maybe…
Sirius Tom Callway dpage Silver Contract signed, awaiting payment
Canonical mha Initial contact
BitRock Daniel Lopez dpage Bronze Contract signed, invoice to be sent Will probably sponsor under their BitNami brand.


Administration Local contact In charge Level (if applicable) Response
SPI Joshua Drake jpa not sure SPI's answer is simple: tell us how much you need and why, and we'll tell if that's OK or not. Edit 7th septembre 2009 by jpa : Was kind to SPI, but we have now in bank enough to not depend on SPI anymore…
Mairie de Paris ?
Region IDF ?
Europe ? from jpa: wasn't Gabriele in charge of European funds?
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