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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20090408 Meeting

  • Location : IRC (#pgday on freenode)
  • Date : 2009-04-08 (9pm - 11pm)

People attending the meeting

on IRC

  • Guillaume Lelarge (gleu)
  • Damien Clochard (daamien)
  • Magnus Hagander (magnush)
  • Andreas Scherbaum (ads)
  • Stéphane Schildknecht (SAS)
  • Dave Page (pgSnake)
  • Guillaume Smet (gsmet)
  • Jean-Paul Argudo (jpa)
  • Thomas Reiss (frost242)
  • Cédric Villemain (klando)

People missing

  • Jean-Christophe Arnu

Agenda of the meeting

  • contract with paristech
  • review of pgDay2009 website
  • when do you we open registration ?
  • starting sponsorship research
  • how will we share the profits between PGFR and PGEU
  • contacting hotels

Minutes of the meeting

Contract with Paristech Telecom

We definitely want two rooms for the tracks all the time, one for the french track and one for the english one. It doesn't matter if it's 2×100 or 1×100+1×200. but it needs to be two separate rooms. The only exception is the beginning and ending keynotes which won't be long (1 hour).

We'll ask Jean-Christophe Arnu to call the school and have definitive answers about some remaining questions (mainly the one Magnus Hagander asked on his last mail on the french pgday mailing list).

Review of pgDay2009 website

Two important things missing are the sponsorship information ( and a banner. Damien Clochard will work on this, and he thinks he can do them quickly. In fact, the sponsorship page is already written in Damien Clochard just needs to copy it on the pgday website. The old page will be deleted, so we don't have to maintain two same pages.

dokuwiki has a google analytics plugin, so we'll use it.

On content-edit policy on the wiki, if one has write access, he can make small adjustments without prior consent. But if he's going to change something big, then he should send an email first to the pgday mailing list. Anyways, there's a RSS feed to follow the changes on the website ( This is the best way to check every change on the wiki.

Just a reminder if you want to edit the website :

  1. you must have a community login
  2. you must tell Damien Clochard or Magnus Hagander what your username is, because they can't guess it

Then they'll be able to give you the editing permissions.

We also decided what to do about contact addresses. They appear on There were two options: mailing list and shared mailbox. The contact@ needs to go somewhere that's not public, as in “it can't be archived, and shouldn't reach too many people”. In Magnus Hagander's experience, a contact address is easier to manage when limited users have access to it. Damien Clochard will set up a mailing list. Magnus Hagander will set up a forward from the domain and take care of the Contacts page.

Magnus Hagander will redirect the to when we have settled *all* open items related to the website.

When do you we open registration ?

We need the contract done and we need a budget before we can open the registration. In fact, we still don't know how much money we need for things like catering and insurance. So it's quite a bit premature to talk about when we open the registration yet. Moreover, Magnus Hagander needs to finish the registration system.

Starting sponsorship research

We need to open the website before we start hunting for sponsors, but as soon as that is done, we're good to go, so we need to open the website ASAP. For an english-only version, Damien Clochard thinks we can have a live website (but without registration). French translations can be done later, but we'll need people to work on this (Damien Clochard is on the translation of the Slony manual, and Guillaume Lelarge will be on the translation of the PostgreSQL 8.4 beta manual). But if we have enough help, we'll try to launch the french version at the same time.

Anyways, Guillaume Smet already contacted quite a lot of persons at Solutions Linux. At least Alter Way, Bull and Ingres are now aware of the pgDay. He also contacted the press people gathered at SL2009.

How will we share the profits between PGFR and PGEU

We said at some point that we'd split them 50/50. And we don't care who collects them at that point. Or who pays. We just sum it up at the end.

Stéphane Schildknecht will ask the other PostgreSQLfr guys if they agree on this, and will give the result at the next meeting.

Contacting hotels

Nothing was done on this issue. Guillaume Lelarge will work on this right now. Andreas Scherbaum has an interesting request: at least one children-friendly hotel, because at least two families with kids will attend pgday.

Be careful 'cause autumn is the meeting season in Paris.

We can arrange some kind of group visiting on sunday, but let's focus on the social events after we have settled the main conference events.

Work to do ASAP

  • Guillaume Lelarge
    • Ask Jean-Christophe Arnu to call the school
    • Ask budget from caterers
    • Search nearby hotels
  • Jean-Christophe Arnu
    • Call the school as soon as he gets the information from Guillaume Lelarge
    • Reports back the answer on the pgday mailing list
    • Finish the contract work
  • Damien Clochard
    • Add sponsorship page content (and delete the one on the french wiki)
    • Create a pgday banner
    • Add the google analytics plugin
    • Set up a mailing list
  • Magnus Hagander
    • Set up a forward from the domain
    • Take care of the Contacts page
    • Redirect the to when the latter will be live
    • Finish the registration system
  • Stéphane Schildknecht
    • Ask the other PostgreSQLfr guys if they agree on the sharing profit principle

Upcoming meetings

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