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The “PG Day France” is the annual conference of the french speaking community of PostgreSQL.

This year the event will take place on the 31st may 2016 in Lille, in the north of France. About 100 attendees will be there for a day of talks about PostgreSQL and associated projects.

Find more information on the envent, obviously in french at

You're an expert of PostgreSQL? You used PostgreSQL in a specific context (big databases, hi load, known user, shinning IT project, etc) ? Maybe you participated in an Open Source project where PostgreSQL is used ?

So don't hesitate to submit your paper !

For the 2016 edition, we expect subjects on the following:

  • administration of big databases;
  • usecases;
  • industrialization of PostgreSQL: benchmarking, physical infrastructures, virtual ones, etc;
  • datawharehouse and BI systems;
  • works on semantics;
  • big data;
  • data mining and data exploration;
  • gis (as geographical information systems) and PostGIS.

This list is not limited. It's still possible to submit other topics around PostgreSQL usage.

This PG Day France is dedicated to IT professionals, such as CTOs, engineers, project leaders, sysadmins and DBAs, developpers.. Everyone having an interest on the RDBMS.

To submit your paper, you must send an e-mail to, with the following information:

  • firstname and lastname;
  • your company name;
  • a short bio (300 signs maximum);
  • your twitter alias (optional);
  • the title of your talk;
  • the duration of your talk (maximum 45 minutes, including questions);
  • a short description of the talk (200 signs maximum);
  • a long description of the talk (700 signs maximum);
  • a picture (200 x 2000 pixels minimum).

Please note that talks must be in french and available on any of the free licences. The talks may be recorded (video) and brodcasted on the internet (live or not).

Your submissions must arrive before the 14h februrary 2016 at 11:59 PM CEST.

During the month of februrary 2016, an open poll will be organised in the french community to evaluate the different proposals. The, the selection comitee will evaluate all validated proposals. The choice of the talks will be based on the submission content, the interest for a professional audience, the consistency of the whole program and the result of the preliminary open poll.

The comitee decision will be final and without change possible. The committee members will vote in their own person. Their choice don't reflect the position of their company or bosses.

The selected speakers will be notified before the 7th march 2016.

For any question about this call of paper or the whole PG Day France in general, you can send an email at

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