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PGDAY.EU 2009 / 20090221 Meeting

  • Location : IRC ou Skype
  • Date : 14h-16h

People attending the meeting

on IRC

  • Jean-Paul Argudo
  • Guillaume Lelarge (in situ if needed)
  • SAS (from 10am to 12 am only)

People missing

  • Damien Clochard
  • Guillaume Smet
  • Jehan-Guillaume de Rorthais

Agenda of the meeting

  • Last talk on the place for pgDay2009
  • Define a roadmap
    • Date and place of next meetings
    • Establish a timetable for communication
    • Define upcoming deadlines
  • Submit a budget estimate
  • Set up a research group of sponsors
  • Set up group to manage the conference tracks
  • Set up a research group for accommodation (hotel) and food
  • Set up a group of the general organization (reception, badges, Reservations / registration (web / mail ..)/ goodies /coordination between the working groups)

Minutes of the meeting

After Damien and Guillaume visited Telecom Paristech and after they wrote a complete report on it, this place is elected for pgDay 2009. We need now to confirm officially to Telecom ParisTech. Stéphane takes care of the official letter from PostgreSQLfr (don't forget to confirm with Jean-Christophe Arnu).

There were talks on rooms and usage. The conclusion from Stéphane is clear : “a hallway wher we can put sponsors and have coffee breaks, 2 amphitheaters with 100 seats, 1 amphitheater with 200 places (for keynote friday and all the time on saturday), 1 big room (for tutorials, devroom and lunch)”.

Jean-Paul will get in touch with commercial schools to have one or two girls to help people coming at pgDay during friday and saturday. There are also security and insurance questions left.

We didn't go on with the agenda of the meeting because it's difficult to create teams with only three people in the meeting.

Upcoming meetings

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